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Research on Bra Wholesale Market of China Underwear Industry


Definition of underwear concept: Women's underwear includes bras, thermal underwear, underwear, swimwear, home wear, socks and other clothing types. The women's underwear described in this report is a narrow concept, that is, it only includes bra products. Women's underwear can be divided into steel ring, soft steel ring and no steel ring according to the supporting method, and can be divided into traditional size, cup size and no size according to the size and granularity.

Underwear market size: In 2020, the market size of China's women's underwear industry is 123.9 billion yuan, and it is expected to reach 174.6 billion yuan in 2026. Among them, under the background of the upgrading of female consumers' demand for underwear wearing experience and the accelerated penetration of underwear online channels, bras with support functions and comfortable properties without steel rings, soft steel ring bras and bras with moderate bra size general size underwear gradually occupy a dominant position.

Underwear competition pattern: International women are relatively fragmented in the bra and underwear industry, and each underwear brand is insufficiently differentiated in the minds of consumers. Emerging e-commerce platforms are accumulating energy on the market side, stirring up the overall apparel competition pattern; traditional offline entities are also seeking to upgrade and transform. In the future, the head underwear brand will continue to output value, refine the long-term value operation of users, and the industry concentration is expected to further increase.

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