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Industry report | Interpretation of development trends, the market size of women's underwear will reach 495.3 billion yuan in 2030!


Observe industry trends and gain insight into trend changes. Chang Lizi has been committed to promoting the development of the underwear industry, paying attention to the market feedback of the underwear industry, and helping novices enter the underwear industry to aim at new trends. The report analyzes the changing lingerie bra market, and points out that the core of diversified demand for lingerie is "comfortable and stylish", but blind selection is the biggest problem for lingerie consumers. For details, please refer to the report below.

There is a gap in the consumption habits of women's underwear around the world, and there is huge room for market growth. In the future, as the mature values of women around the world change, the world will usher in explosive growth. In 2022, the market size of women's underwear is 196.9 billion yuan, and it is expected to grow to 495.3 billion yuan by 2030.

First-tier and second-tier women are more stressed in life and have less time to shop. They may shop online because they have no time to judge and choose, and are easy to accept recommendations from friends and advertisements around them; third-tier, fourth-tier and fifth-tier women spend more time on the street. There are more shopping opportunities, more communication with shopping guides, different purchasing behaviors and consumer habits, and different popular differences. But consumer behavior is changing. For example, they will be more rigorous when buying cosmetics, and they will spend time researching whether the product is suitable for them. Underwear is also at this stage.

1. Wide range of categories

With the transformation of women's value concept and the improvement of self-awareness, they not only pay attention to the comfort and health of underwear, but also emphasize functionality; while women's attention to underwear focuses on comfort and style. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 200 sub-categories of women's underwear.

2. The pain of blind selection

Blind selection is the biggest problem for women's underwear consumers. The white paper pointed out that women's blind selection of underwear will bring a variety of diseases to the body, resulting in physical deformation and a series of psychological trauma. Therefore, professional underwear brand guidance is imperative.

3. Professional orientation

Female consumers "tailor their clothes" and choose underwear like lipstick. Although size-free underwear alleviates the anxiety of size selection to a certain extent, size-free underwear does not mean no size in the true sense. Consumers need to adapt various types of underwear in different environments to ensure physical and mental health; the supportiveness of size-free underwear Insufficient, long-term wear will cause chest deformation such as sagging, expansion, etc., so the industry needs multi-category underwear with sizes.

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